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Neridup Sandplain Late Sown Site Visit 12/10/20

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Video discussing the results of the Neridup Sandplain site of the ASHEEP Pasture Variety Trial (an MLA Producer Demonstration Site) in Esperance, WA, at a visit on the 12th October 2020. This is one of three sites in the trial, showcasing 9 pasture varieties. The site was late sown on 6th August after wind damage on the initial seeding resulted in the site being sprayed out. We've captured a snapshot of the discussion as the team from South East Agronomy Research, a pasture agronomist and the farm owner, met with local producers and agribusiness providers to review its progress.

Site: Neridup, Esperance Profile: Sandplain, light soils, approx. 5PH, rain 500-550mm p/annum

Site History: Sown 11th May 2020. Dry start, wind events and subsequent weed issues resulted in this site being sprayed out on 12th July 2020. Biomass cuts of surviving varieties were taken prior to spraying. The site was resown on 6th August 2020. Site visit videoed was on 12th October 2020, 10 weeks post second sowing, at which point the site had had 140mm since second sow.

Varieties: Illabo Wheat 100 kg/ha Planet Barley 80 kg/ha RM4 Vetch 30 kg/ha Tetila ryegrass 15 kg/ha SARDI grazer Lucerne 5 kg/ha Dalkeith Subclover 5 kg/ha Dynamo Turnip Grazing Brassica 5 kg/ha Paradana Balansa Clover 5 kg/ha Megamax Panic 5 kg/ha

This video is a snapshot of the trial site discussion and does not represent a holistic review of the pros and cons of each pasture variety. Consult your agronomist to determine how best to integrate these varieties into your system. More information available at


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