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2024 Pasture Variety Trial Plans

ASHEEP & BEEF’s Pasture Variety Trials, a Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site Project, is now in its final year.

The team from South Coastal Agencies is working with us to collect and analyse the results.

2024 Sites

Low to Medium Rainfall Zone <500mm

  • Diaman2ti Bladder Clover – Leigh & Karina West, Gibson

  • RM4 Vetch – Mark & Liv Walter, Cascade

  • RM4 / Resina Vetch mix – Mark & Liv Walter, Cascade

  • Barenbrug annual / perennial mix plus vetch & ryecorn - Thomas Pengilly, Cascade

High Rainfall Zone >500mm

  • RM4 Vetch – Simon Fowler, Condingup

  • Ryegrass / Barley / Balansia Mix - Simon Fowler, Condingup

We're taking 10 and 16 week cuts from each site. A third cut will also be taken, timing TBC.

The project follows commercial scale sites and assesses pasture performance.

Photos taken by Hayley Hill (SCA) on 3rd July 2024, of Mark & Liv Walter's RM4 Vetch at its 16 week cut.


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