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Carbon Neutral 2030: Getting Started on Farm

MLA Producer Demonstration Site
2023 - 2027

ASHEEP & BEEF Project Facilitator: Jan Clawson

Lead Producer: Ryan Willing

Consultant: Richard Brake

Updated 4/3/24

Carbon Neutral 2030: Getting Started on Farm is a 4 year project, run by ASHEEP & BEEF in collaboration with Richard Brake Consulting and local producers, and funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) through the Producer Demonstration Site program. 

The project aims to demonstrate the educational packages and services available to producers to meet the MLA industry target of carbon neutrality by 2030 (CN30) and the initial practice change steps required, to increase producer skills, knowledge and uptake.

New! Toolkit to create a farm emissions profile
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Project Background

MLA has described the impact and importance of meeting the CN30 target as enabling the red meat industry to stay ahead of current and future consumer, customer and community expectations regarding environmental credentials, thereby allowing red meat producers to stamp their mark in a competitive global protein market. It also demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and enables ongoing trust and support for the red meat and livestock industry. It underpins Australia’s position as a responsible producer of high value, clean, safe and natural protein.[1]

Producers in ASHEEP & BEEF's membership play a role in achieving CN30, and this project will work on filling the knowledge gap to assist farmers to understand what they need to do. The project will take producers through the process of understanding what the CN30 target means, setting up a carbon baseline, investigating options to sequester carbon and reduce or offset emissions, and making a plan to implement changes on farm. Once producers have started implementing their plans, ASHEEP & BEEF will look to establish a number of demonstration sites.



By December 2026 in the Esperance region of Western Australia:

  1. Demonstrate how to create a carbon baseline and an emission reduction / carbon sequestration plan.

  2. 100% of core producers (10) have a carbon baseline for their business, a plan to reduce their carbon footprint and have implemented at least one practice change.

  3. 100% of observer producers (118) will have improved their understanding of CN30, how to work towards it, and have the confidence to start. 20% of observer producers will take action to start while 40% will have the intent to start.

  4. Measure the impact of practice change of core producers and produce cost / benefit analysis.

  5. Publish a “Starting your CN30 journey” toolkit for WA Mediterranean zone producers to follow, including 6 case studies.

There are opportunities throughout the project for producers to attend workshops, tours and field days. 


Contact ASHEEP & BEEF if you would like more information on this project. ASHEEP & BEEF members will be provided with regular updates, visit our membership page if you would like to consider joining. 

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