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Shearing Interval Demonstration
6 vs 12 Months

ASHEEP & BEEF Project Coordinator: Courteney Pengilly

Updated 15/06/22

In 2021, ASHEEP & BEEF commenced a self-funded and managed project to demonstrate the benefits and differences between 6 month shearing and 12 month shearing intervals in merino ewes. The project was developed from a concept put forward to ASHEEP & BEEF by members Ashley Reichstein and Megan McDowall, who agreed to host the demonstration on their farm situated north-east of Esperance.

Data being collected includes individual animal weights, condition scores, wool samples and pregnancy scanning results. This information will be used to evaluate the impact of shearing intervals on production and wellbeing of the animals throughout the 3 year trial.


All animals are to be treated the same throughout the trial. There is no special feeding regime for these animals, they are run as per management’s decision on Laurina Farms. 

Condition scoring 231221.jpeg

Capturing condition scores in December 2021.

This project has been assessed by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) and has been approved within that framework. 

Contact ASHEEP & BEEF if you would like more information on this project. ASHEEP & BEEF members will be provided with regular updates - visit our membership page if you would like to consider joining. 


Laurina Farms, Ashley Reichstein and Megan McDowall - project host

Sinead O'Gara, South Coastal Agencies & the team at Allflex for arranging the donation of EID ear tags

Chatley and Hutcheson - providing the weigh crate

Jake Hann, Nutrien Ag Solutions - condition scoring

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Animal Ethics Committee

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