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ASHEEP & BEEF Projects & Activities

Serradella pasture legume in Esperance Western Australia

2023 - 2027

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

Angus Heifers standing in a paddock in Esperance Western Australia. Image by Dan Paris.

2022 - 2026

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

Condition scoring sheep in Esperance Western Australia for a shearing interval demonstration project.jpeg

2021 - 2024

ASHEEP & BEEF self-funded project with In Kind support. 

Farmers and agricultural industry stand in a paddock at an ASHEEP & BEEF field day in Esperance Western Australia, looking at dairy calves being agisted. ASHEEP & BEEF is a livestock grower group.


Autumn, Winter, Spring & Cattle Field Days, workshops that have recently included working dog & stock handling, bull management, identifying causes of lamb deaths, understanding rhizobia and maximising sheep reproduction.

Calf standing in pasture in Esperance Western Australia. Image by Dan Paris.

2022 - 2026

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

Merino wool

2022 - 2026

ASHEEP & BEEF in collaboration with Orion Ag Consulting

Farmers and industry attending an ASHEEP & BEEF grower group trial site in Esperance Western Australia. A range of pastures are being trialed to assess the best pastures for the soil type and rainfall zones.

2020 - 2024

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

Students are being taught how to shear at an Australian Wool Innovation shearing training school in Esperance Western Australia being coordinated by livestock grower group ASHEEP & BEEF.


Funded by Australian Wool Innovation and supporting partners. This school is coordinated by ASHEEP & BEEF, it is held in Esperance in July each year, creating a pathway for young people to enter the shearing industry.

Angus bulls standing in a paddock in Esperance Western Australia

2022 - 2026

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

A pasture in Esperance Western Australia composed of a mix of cereals and vetch.

2022 - 2024

Pasture research to fill feed gaps led by DPIRD

A mixture of mulesed and non-mulesed sheep in sheep yards at a farm in Esperance Western Australia. Farmers are discussing the pros and cons of stopping mulesing sheep, with a key concern being the increased risk of flystrike.

2020 - 2024

Participating in an AgPro Management MLA PDS

Members of the ASHEEP and BEEF Committee and staff at a meeting. The committee includes farmers running sheep and cattle livestock systems.
Industry Committee Representation


We have representatives on a number of industry committees, recently including the AWI Woolgrower Industry Consultation Panel, the Sheep & Goat NLIS Advisory Group, the Dryland Legume Pasture Project Steering Committee, & more.

Past Project & Activities

  • SafeSheds Pilot (2022) in collaboration with WA Shearing Industry Association and AWI 

  • Merinolink Flock DNA Profile (2018-2022) project supported by Merinolink, MLA, Sheep Gentics & Sheep CRC

  • Novel Pastures in Dryland Pasture Systems (2017-2022) in collaboration with Murdoch University

  • Fixed Time AI of Heifers in Commercial Farming Systems (2017-2020) an MLA Producer Demonstration Site in collaboration with Swans Veterinary Services

  • Foot & Mouth Disease Ready (2018-2022) project as a pilot group in collaboration with Charles Sturt University

  • Perennial pasture variety trial site- inherited from Ron Master at DAFWA

  • Phosphorus Efficient Pastures (2016-2020) as a research partner with CSIRO funded by Rural R&D for Profit program, MLA, Dairy Australia & AWI

  • Putting Wormboss into Practice (2017-2019) funded by AWI

  • Ovine Johnes Disease Management Plan (2014-2017) for Esperance Region supported by MLA

  • Development of Lamb Planner (2003) & a prototype of Weaner Planner (2007-2009). The Lamb Planner was published in conjunction with DPIRD. It is available in hardcopy from DPIRD (Version 3) or to download as a phone app for Android and Apple. The app was most recently updated in 2023 and a new version is available. ASHEEP & BEEF is in ongoing communication with DPIRD regarding the ongoing update and functionality of the app.

  • Legumes in Kikuyu (2014-2018) Producer Demonstration Site funded by MLA

  • NYPA Forage Trial (2018)

  • Perennial Grass Demonstration Site (2017) in collaboration with Albany Department of Primary Industries

  • 'Pasture Legumes in Mixed Farming Zones in WA & NSW', (2013-2016) as a research partner with Murdoch, funded by MLA & AWI

  • Grain & Graze (2011-2013) research partner

  • Pilot group for The Sheep’s Back network

  • Study tours throughout the Southern / South-West regions of WA, Tasmania, and to South Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East & Sardinia.

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