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2022 ASHEEP Pasture Variety Trials Plans

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

A Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

The project team met earlier in the year, and have selected the following sites to monitor:

  • Barloo / RM4 Vetch Mix (Simeon Roberts)

  • RM4 Vetch (Simeon Roberts)

  • Leafmore Brassica with Geraldton Clover / Ryegrass mix (Peter McCrea)

  • Sulla (Dave Vandenberghe)

  • Snail Medic (Dave Vandenberghe)

  • RM4 Vetch (Dave Vandenberghe)

  • Abundant Ryegrass/ Forester Oats / Regina Vetch mix (Nick Ruddenklau)

  • Forester Oat / Planet Barley mix in subclover (Nick Ruddenklau)

  • RM4 Vetch (Mark Walter)

  • Leafmore brassica (Mark Walter)

  • Abundant Ryegrass/ Forester Oat / Regina Vetch mix (Nick Ruddenklau)

  • Forester Oat / Planet Barley in subclover (Nick Ruddenklau)

  • RM4 vetch / Abundant Ryegrass / Planet Barley / Illabo Wheat/ Eliza Serradella/ Bladder clover / Oats mix (Ryan Willing)

  • Illabo Wheat (Ryan Willing)

  • Planet barley (Ryan Willing)

If you are planning on planting something next season that you think would be good to include, call Dave Vandenberghe 0427786049. We are running a WhatsApp group for the project and those interested are welcome to join and share information on pastures.

Image 1-4 below supplied by Ryan Willing, 24/5/22 Condingup.

1: Illabo wheat seeded 18/4 into minimal moisture. At time of photo is was quite dry at this farm on Savage Road. Plan to gaze mid-June.

2: Planet Barley seeded 24/4 on the same farm.

3: Completely different story out the eastern end, very wet after the huge rainfall event mid-April, this is my pasture mix on deep non wetting sand. Grass / cereals looking amazing but legumes are poor.

4: Unfortunately the rain event took out 80% of my pasture mix due to burst seed, so had to be reseeded 14/5.


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