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Supporting shifts to non-mulese systems

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A new project is coming to ASHEEP, run by Ed Riggall and Georgia Reid of AgPro Management. The MLA-funded project involves groups of producers (or grower groups!) across the medium and high rainfall zones of WA. It aims to demonstrate best practice for non-mulese systems and provide support for producers wanting to shift

to, or trial, not mulesing.

It’s all about supporting producers through the transition, coming up with a plan and involving producers who have already shifted to non-mulese. This way, producers can draw on each others’ experiences, anticipate the challenges and support each other.

The project has come about due to the lack of support currently available for those wishing to cease mulesing, or even just wanting to know what the challenges and benefits could be. Following the threats of a mulesing ban in the mid-2000’s, many producers started on the path to stopping mulesing either genetically or through ceasing the practice. Some were successful and have continued to do so, however many failed to sustain change due to management issues & lack of support networks to help the transition. Currently, the national wool clip under 24.5microns is 7% unmulesed, with WA at even lower rates. The project aims to connect these producers with those wanting to investigate the change on their own properties. It is a great opportunity for producers to see how ready they and their business is for when the inevitable ban comes.

If you're interested in learning more about shifting to a non-mulese enterprise, or wanting to trial it yourself at either a mob or farm level, get in contact!

The project is commencing after seeding (2020), and we’d love for you to be involved.

Article by Georgia Reid, AgPro Management

Contact ASHEEP to be put in touch with the project.


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