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Live export decision a departure from evidence and science-based policy


ASHEEP & BEEF expresses frustration at the Federal Government’s ongoing refusal to prioritise current-day evidence and science-based decision making in relation to live sheep exports by sea, as shown with yesterday’s passing of the Export Control Amendment (Ending Live Sheep Exports by Sea) Bill 2024.

“It sets a concerning precedent when political advantage is prioritised over the actual realities of productive, sustainable agricultural systems with good animal welfare,” said David Vandenberghe, ASHEEP & BEEF Chair.

“Significant evidence has been presented to the Federal Government to demonstrate how effective the changes to live export systems have been in delivering good animal welfare outcomes over the last seven years."

“We’ve also outlined the many negative impacts the live export phase out will have on the welfare of our domestic flock, the resilience of our farming systems, and the damage to community and our businesses."

“The Federal Government has refused to take this into account, and instead prioritised highlighting outdated information and the opinions of animal activist organisations to achieve their goals."

“Farmers, industry and regional communities are now left to pick up the pieces of the mess, with a 1-page transition plan as a guide. It beggars belief.”

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