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P Efficient Pastures 2018 - Tricky season with dry start

2018 Project Update

Due to a very dry start there was not much germination of the Serradella at the traditional break.

Some later rain caused a 2nd round of germination so we had plants at different growth stages which made picking the right time to do germination counts difficult and the results may not be reflective of the Serradella's regeneration due to it's hard seededness and staggered germination.

More rain has since fallen and we are hoping to see some good data come from measurements taken later in the season including dry matter cuts. Cape weed is a continual issue and the site has been sprayed and mowed several times to try to control it. The Phosphorus fertilizer treatments have been applied and we will see if there is any response in the Serradella later in the season. 

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