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New Elanco / ASHEEP Drench Resistance Project 2020

From 2018 - 2019 ASHEEP took part in the Wormboss Drench Resistance project with Australian Wool Innovation, University of New England and Monaro Farming Systems. The project concluded that there is no question that drench resistance is a real and constant threat to sheep producers in the Esperance district. The final report from that project can be found on the AWI website.

As a follow up to the this project, ASHEEP has partnered with Elanco during 2020 to offer a revised program with the objective of assisting ASHEEP members to continue carry out this important work into the future.

We will be targeting young sheep with the most limited drench history we can find, but while undrenched weaner sheep are the “gold standard’ for this type of trial, we are open to other opportunities especially if members run into particular issues where a drench appears to have been ineffective.

We need a group of a minimum of 120 sheep with a common drench history. Ideally, we would like them to be separated from large mobs at the start of any Resistance test, as it makes the final faecal sampling much more efficient.

To find out more or get involved contact ASHEEP.

More information on drench resistance and Wormboss practices are available at


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