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ASHEEP's AWI Woolgrower Panel Representative

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

The Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Woolgrower Industry Consultation Panel (WICP) has a new member, with ASHEEP recently having been appointed. Representing ASHEEP on the panel is mixed farmer David Vandenberghe. This is an opportunity for ASHEEP to voice matters important to our members to AWI and to find out how those issues are being acted on.

ASHEEP's Woolgrower Industry Consultation Panel representative, David Vandenberghe with lambs raised on their automatic lamb feeder.
David Vandenberghe with lambs raised on their automatic lamb feeder.

The purpose of the WICP is to provide avenues for AWI to formally consult with woolgrower representative groups to ascertain woolgrower and industry priorities and needs, and provide information and receive feedback on AWI’s research, development and marketing activities.

The panel meets four times per year, and in the course of the meetings ASHEEP is allocated time to raise issues relevant to our region, as well as put questions to AWI's Chairman, Directors and Managers.

In undertaking a role on the panel, David is keen to hear from people involved in the wool industry about issues and ideas that they would like raised. It's a pathway for us to give opinions on where funding should be directed and speak out on what's important to our region.

For those not familiar with David, he and his wife Katherine operate a mixed farming enterprise (cropping and sheep) in Scaddan, Grass Patch and Gibson. Their sheep operation is predominantly merino, and includes both stud and commercial flocks focusing on fine wool. A portion of the commercial flock is mated to terminal sires.

ASHEEP also holds membership of AWI's Woolgrower Consultation Group.

To be put in touch with David contact ASHEEP.



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